Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anthropology: Like 'Story Time', But With Tests

Archaeology: The touchy-feely part of history. Because everything is infinitely more interesting when you pull it up out of the dirt after decades, centuries, or a millennium of not being graced with a loving stroke from a human hand until YOU get to touch it. Touch. Feel. Connect. Mild stupor.
Although Archaeology will eventually turn from attracting this sort of scientist, one's who never listen to the 'don't touch' signs, it will at least last long enough in this phase for some more destructive digging. Cheers! Which is great, you know, because that's what I like. Get your hands dirty and take a look at our human past.
I stand by my opinion: Archaeology is ridiculously interesting.

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  1. Very much interesting, holding the past in your hands theres quite nothing like it. Rocks, stones, fossils, arrowheads of ancient past connect with my soul when I hold them. Our time is but dust in the wind on earth but still in 2012 as human beings on Earth we still appreciate where our past is
    -An old friend from art class at SSHS [: