Friday, May 25, 2012

A Towel Would Help

There are some instances when I have mentally checked out of a conversation. This is usually due to a reaction my brain is having that I believe can be counted as a survival mechanism, after all, being an anthropologist means this whole 'survival of the fittest' theory is an easy excuse. Then again, it might be because I am a terrible and conceited person and any topic that does not spike my interest is thereby deemed unimportant. Luckily this does not happen often.

Unfortunately, during these tiny expeditions my mind makes while someone else is droning on about- well I wouldn't know, would I? Anyway, this is moot, because I find that what goes on during these times are absolutely silly. For instance, while a customer cornered me at my ever so lovely job, said person proceeded to tell me the entire history of her cat's affection for bird watching and how it related to the economy (how it jumped from the former to the latter is an unknown variable). While this would have been interesting in a condensed sentence long enough to be Twitter-post acceptable, it was not however, an appropriate form of entertainment according to my brain.

My mind thus proceeded to take me on a marvelous journey, you know, the hero's tale. Although, because it was not an actual scripted film, it was not to be compared to such adventures as Frodo and Sam had, but more along the lines of The Phantom Menace, with more Jar-Jar.

My only concerns about these sudden fantastic trips that my brain decides to book willy nilly is that I have no idea how to recover from them and jump back into a normal conversation. I assume, like most, that you smile and nod.

Apparently there are too many flaws with my understanding of the awkward social interaction. Nonetheless, here's a pretty picture to make this post seem even more unremarkable.
Trees! Yay!

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